Are weeds really a problem in San Francisco?

Yes, invasive weeds are a problem in San Francisco. The Franciscan Peninsula is a globally significant hotspot for biodiversity. The region harbors the Golden Gate Biosphere Reserve, which includes many of the natural lands in San Francisco County. Weeds threaten our precious remnants of the original landscape, including habitat for rare plants and wildlife. Weeds can have other impacts:

What is a Weed Management Area?

From the California Food and Agricultural Code, Section 7272(b):

"A 'weed management area' is a local organization that brings together all interested landowners, land managers (private, city, county, state, and federal), special districts, and the public in a county or other geographical area for the purpose of coordinating and combining their actions and expertise to deal with their common weed control problems."


For more information about the San Francisco WMA, go to the
 California Department of Food and Agriculture website