So what does the SFWMA do?

The SFWMA members cooperate to prevent the introduction, establishment and spread of invasive weeds in the City and County of San Francisco. The group has a two-part mission:

1) Employing an integrated strategy for exclusion, detection, eradication, and suppression of designated invasive weeds.

2) Education of the public, media, local office-holders, decision-makers, and public & private landowners about the identification, impacts, and management of invasive weeds.

The following goals represent the primary activities in which the SFWMA is engaged:

French broom (Genista monspessulana)
 encroaching on a Bay Area hillside.
French Broom

Americorps removing French Broom

A restoration crew on Bayview Hill clears French broom
(Genista monspessulana), a woody shrub that takes
over coastal grassland and scrub habitats.

© Margo Bors

Participants include:

GGNRA, Presidio Trust, State ParksSan Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, SF Environment, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, California Native Plant Society, California Invasive Plant Council, CDFA, Nature in the City, SFSU, and Daar/IPM.