Common names: Poison Hemlock
Description: Sometimes glaucous, glabrous, herb, growing up to 6 to 10 feet. Main stem has characteristic light red spots, and an odd smell (like fennel). All plant parts are poisonous, however the seeds contain the highest concentration of poison. Member of the carrot family, thus having long taproot.
Flowers: Multiple compound umbels (umbrella-like) terminating the stems. About 15 flowers per umbel. 5 white petals per flower, typically one petal is larger than all the others. 5 stamens, alternating with the petals.
Leaves: Serrated lobes, growing to about 40 cm long and almost as broad. Alternate andd glabrous. Take on a fern-like appearance.
Reproduction: By seed. Poision Hemlock disperses seed over a long period of time throughout the year, this allows for seeds to germinate during any period of time.
Flowering: May through August
Habitat and Ecology: Native to Europe, north Africa and Asia.