Common names: Bindweed, Field Morning Glory
Description: Viny perennial with extensive deep roots and rhizomes. Twisting, glabrous to pubescent stems.
Flowers: Flowers are generally solitary, and funnel shaped, white or tinged pink. Up to 3 cm broad and 2 cm long, glabrous on the inside and partially pubescent outside. 5 stamens, ovary is surrounded by an orange nectar ring.Fruit is a glabrous 4 valved capsule up to 6 mm long.
Leaves: Alternate, elliptical to ovate in shape and up to 10 cm long, with basal lobes. Petiolate (have leaf stems).
Reproduction: By seed and vegetatively by creeping rhizomes. Undisturbed patches can spread up to 10m per year and under the right conditions, seeds can survive for 20 + years.
Flowering: May to September.
Habitat and Ecology: Native to Europe and Asia. This herbacious vine is a serious threat to agricultural fields throughout California. Especially problematic in cerals, beans and potatoes. May reduce crop yields and plants may harbour viruses such as Potato X Disease and others.