Common names: Cape Ivy, German Ivy
Description: Member of the sunflower family. Long lived, branching, perennial, vine. Climbs over other vegetation with extensive, waxy shoots.
Flowers: Flowers are yellow, round/discoid shape, about the size of a dime arranged in groups of twenty or more.
Leaves: Green to yellow-green in color and has a distinct odor. One leaf to each node.
Reproduction: Only reproduces vegetatively in California. Flowers extensively, but forms non-viable seeds. The period of most rapid vegetative growth is February to June.
Flowering: December to February.
Habitat and Ecology: Cape ivy is native to South Africa. Now has naturalized itself to Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, and Marin.

95% of fragments of green stolons containing only one node establish, and drying stolon fragments in full sun for ten weeks does not stop them from rooting.