Common names: Geranium
Description: Herb from a taproot. Dissectum may have single stem but generally has multiple stems from base, is erect and densely pubescent and reaches 50 cm tall and branching. Molle has multiple stems from base is erect,branching and pubescent growing to about 40 cm tall and is reddish at the base.
Leaves: alternate, petiolate and stpiulate. Typically reddish, up to 1.5 cm long and 3-5 mm wide. Leaves are reduced upward. Leaf blades have 5 lobes, which in turn divide again.
Reproduction: Axillary flowers, 2 or 3. In DissectumFlowers have 5 petals, deep pink to purplish and 3 to 4 mm long. 10 erect stamens. In Molle flowers have 5 petals that are 5 to 6 mm long and about 4 to 5 mm broad. Dark pink in color with 10 stamens.
Flowering: Dissectum April through August. MolleMay through August
Habitat and Ecology: Native to Europe.