Common names: Victorian Box, Australian Cheesewood, Mock Orange
Description: Shrub or tree, growing to 12 meters tall, with smooth, grey bark.
Flowers: Fragrant, white flowers, borne only on the youngest branches. Comprised of 5 petals with an abrupt bend at the end of each. Fruit is 16 mm long, leathery and round with about 25 seeds per fruit.
Leaves: Leaves are alternate, and often crowd at the end of slender, light brown branches. 6-15 cm long and 1.5-4 cm wide. Lanceolate shaped, pointed at both ends, shiny and wavy on the edges.
Reproduction: By seed, mainly spread by birds. Does resprout easily when cut.
Flowering: Spring through early summer.
Habitat and Ecology: Native to South Eastern Australia.