Common names: Wild Radish
Description: Annual herb, often with a fleshy root. Erect stems with slighty stiff, bristly hairs on the surface.
Flowers: White to flowers with four petals, forming a cruciform shape, about 20 to 25 mm in size.. The flowers have violet or blue network of veins, characteristically. Each flower has 6 stamens.
Leaves: Leaves are alternate, with prominant lateral veins. They have shallow, ounded teeth around the edges are and covered in a fine, bristly hair.
Reproduction: Reprodcues by seeds which develop in small pods. Wehn young the pods are green. When getting ripe, the pods bulge and turn brown.
Flowering: December through May.
Habitat and Ecology: Native to Eurasia. Believed to be a runaway from the cutivated radish.