Common names: Himalayian Blackberry
Description: Perennial, evergreen shrub, in the Rose family (noted by the thick stems with sharp prickers). Individual canes can reach up to 3 meters, while trailing canes reach 20 to 40 feet.
Flowers: Small white flowers and black, shiny fruit appear on second year canes. Fruit ripens mid-summer to late autumn, later than native blackberry.
Leaves: Leaves are round, to oblong, toothed, and come in sets of three (on side shoots) and five (main shoots).
Reproduction: Plant can reproduce from both seed and vegetatively. Does not produce seeds well when under full shade, but does readily propagate from cuttings and fragments.
Flowering: May to June.
Habitat and Ecology: Native to western Europe.

Individual canes live only 2-3 years, yet reach a density of 525 canes per square meter