Common names: Curly Dock
Description: Taprooted Perennial developing an unbranched, glabrous, rigid stem, often reddish, that reaches up to 5 feet in height. Large, fleshy taproots, yellow-orange in color.
Flowers: Occur in clusters on the upper portio of the stem. Green speals that become reddish brown in age. Creates a small achene that is triangular, glossy and brown surrounded by a papery 3 vlaved, 3 winged structure.
Leaves: Basal rosette, wavy margin. Lower leaves are petioled, dark green, have no hairs and are alternately arranged. Upper leaves are arranged alternately, become progressively smaller as they go up, and have a membranous sheth encircling the stem. Leaves become purple-reddish as they age.
Reproduction: By seed.
Flowering: April to May
Habitat and Ecology: Native to Eurasia