Common names: Spartina, Smooth Cord Grass
Description: Saltwater-loving grass that colonizes tidal marshes, with erect stems, 3 to 5 feet tall.
Flowers: Inflorescence grow up to 16 inches long, in a spike-like shape, in groups of 5 to 20. 10 to 40 spikelets occur on these inflourescent spikes in 2 rows, often twisted. Flowers occur only on the under side of the branches.
Leaves: Leaf blades grow up to 2 feet long and 5/8 in wide, tending to fold at the tip.
Reproduction: From seed, rhizome or vegetatively. Seeds require soaking for six weeks in order to germinate.
Flowering: July to October.
Habitat and Ecology: Native to the United States Atlantic Coast.